“In true dialogue both sides are willing to change” -- Thich Nhat Hanh

Our lives are defined by quality of our relationships. We are members of families, school forms, peer groups, work teams. We are sons, daughters, siblings, wives, husbands, grandparents. Mates, friends, business partners.

I can help you improve any important relationship in your life.
It can be your child or sibling, life partner or business partner, colleague or friend.
You can come together or just yourself.

  • I help couples who feel they lost connection and understanding in redesigning their relationship into a new, well working model, even if they think their relationship is beyond repair. I do it by showing how to change communication patterns, getting rid of the “baggage” from the past and finding shared values and passions that will take them through for following years.
  • I help couples struggling with intimacy to find their own way of expressing their love and sexuality with effective strategies and exercises, even if they think they can’t possibly even talk to each other about it
  • I help ex-spouses conflicted by legal battle over child maintenance and custody to find a way to amicably communicate over childcare and financial matters with effective conflict resolution exercises and reframing their relationship, even if they think the bridges have been burned

I will learn about the sources of miscommunication and work with you on improving its quality.
By understanding needs and fears of the other party you will be able to find a way of communicating which will be heard and understood.
By understanding your own needs and fears you will be able to “say what you mean and mean what you say”.
You will learn about conflict resolution, and how to prevent a miscommunication developing into a conflict.